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Topics: Advertising, Islam, Mass media Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: July 29, 2014
Media Company Media Prima Bhd had pulled out Ramadan advertisement that aired on 8TV channel after being criticized for being racist. This is regarding a Chinese girl who was noisy, wearing revealing and eating publicly which shows disrespect towards Malay people during the particular festive season. (Chieh, 2011) Advertising codes are used to control practices that local industry wish to avoid portraying including anti-social content, foul language, unacceptable images and anti-government. Malaysia is a multi-racial country therefore cultural sensitivity has been an issue. Anything contains suggestions that may offend religious, racial, political or sentimental of any community is against Codes of Advertising in Malaysia. (asiamarketresearch, 2002) According to the media prima advertisement, the viewers of Malaysia have criticized it as racist that is because it has touched on culture and racial issue negatively. Based on the Malaysia code of advertising practice, Malaysia advertisement need to promote identity and culture, support the Rukun Negara and reflect the multi-racial characters. Besides that, law mentioned advertisements were also required to promote social responsibility which will induce desirable behavioral attitudes in life and civic mindedness. However, the Ramadan advertisement demonstrates otherwise when the Chinese girl acting immorally during Ramadan season in front of Malay community. It will simply demonstrate a stereotypical impression. (singh)

Living in a multi-racial country, we need to live united in order to have a better community. This video displayed does not only go against the advertising code of ethics but it also deliver a negative message that might influence the minds of the youngsters as adults automatically filters to advertisements but children are lacking of cognitive filters.

Culture Issue of Media Prima
Religious motivator Ustazah Dato’ Siti Nor Bahyah Mahamood had reported on TV9’s Halaqah programme which...
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