Media Plan - Azerbaijan

Topics: Laws of war, Civilian, Force Pages: 4 (777 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Media Plan Developmental Outline Requirements

a. What additional information do you need to know? (RFI development)

Were there any other witnesses to the event besides SSG Wilson? What is the status of the three soldiers injured during the conflict? How many locals were injured and what is the severity of their injuries? Were there any casualties? What is the status/result of the 15-6 investigation?

What is the total amount of supplies delivered to date?
What is the maximum distribution capability from the NGO/PVO to the local sites per day? What, if any, are the plans to increase food/water distribution from the NGOs/PVOs? What is the overall climate of the civilian population towards regarding the riot and has there been any word of future riots or revolts?

b. What are YOUR command messages? (3 to 5 minimum)

Our Mission is to provide humanitarian assistance and relief to the Azerbaijanis during their recovery from this environmental disaster.

We are here to support the people and other relief agencies including the Non-Governmental Organizations and Private Volunteer Organizations (NGO/PVO).

Our goal is to only be here long enough to stabilize the population and turn the relief effort over to the civilian authority.

Continue to be professional in all that you do and focus on the positive impact this operation is having on the Azerbaijanis and their country.

Our priority is safety, while maintaining force protection and security throughout this operation.

If a situation begins to escalate out of your control, call to activate the reaction force and remember to always follow the rules of engagement.

c. Develop a 30-second sound bite synopsis for release to the media at the beginning of your upcoming press conference. (3 to 5)

The US military and coalition forces were invited by the Government of Azerbaijan to provide humanitarian aide to the civilian population. It is an honor to be a part of such a crucial operation....
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