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Media Plan Group Project Handout

PRA3010 Media Planning (Spring 2014)

For this final project, you will work in a team to put together a strategic media plan for a brand. Each team can function like a media agency/group. Your task is to conduct research and put together a plan that will help elevate the client’s brand to a new level in the market place. You need to convince the client that you have the best plan to help the brand achieve its objectives. You have to rely on the library’s databases, the Internet and other creative means to do your search. Your plans will be judged in three areas: creativity, relevance and coherence of information, and quality of presentation.

The following project outline and explanations are provided here to help you prepare the media plan. A good media plan should have sound research and competitive considerations, realistic objectives, creative use of the budget, media classes and vehicles, and good justification for decisions and recommendations. Please note that texts in bold type are suggested headings and subheads.

1. The report should be typed, single-spaced with spacing between paragraphs. Use Times New Roman, 12-point font size.
2. The written part of your media plan (excluding references and appendixes) should not exceed 20 pages.
3. At least one traditional medium (TV, radio, magazine, and newspaper) and one creative medium (Internet, social media, DM, out-of-home, etc.) should be selected in the media mix.
4. PowerPoint-based presentations of the project for about 15 minutes in the last week of class

Evaluation criteria for the project (30 points in total):
1. Completeness: Extent to which all elements of the media plan project are addressed (5 pts)
2. Comprehensiveness: Quality, originality, relevance and coherence of information presented. Demonstration of thorough research, and knowledge and appropriate use of media planning concepts and strategies. (10 pts)
3. Mechanics: Written

References: You need to provide full citations and references of all the important works used or cited in your report. Use APA styles consistently through the report. In general, cite author and year within texts, and cite author, year, article title, publication etc in the reference list. 8. Appendix: Include key supplemental research information (market share and spending, media users, rate cards) that you have used for this project. Individual competitive analysis Each member in the project team selects one competitive brand and conducts a competitive advertising and media analysis. You are expected to complete the analysis independently. And your report will be graded independently. This assignment is 15% of your final grade. The report should be typed, single-spaced with spacing between paragraphs. Use Times New Roman, 12-point font size. The written report should not exceed 3 pages (excluding title page, references and appendix). Write concisely and effectively. Quality of the writing matters, not quantity. In case secondary data are unavailable, you need to be prepared to conduct tracking across media platforms to obtain data and statistics relevant for media placement of the competitor brand.

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