Media Manipulation

Topics: Advertising, Human, Public relations Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: October 8, 1999
The media and advertising hinder do indeed hinder our being fully human. Mass media including radio, television and newspapers endeavors to shape public opinion on a variety of things. The media attempts to manipulate those values instilled by parents and society in general, thus taking away from our being human. Messages designed to influence peoples' attitudes, desires and decisions fall upon society urging those people to buy a certain product, vote for a certain political figure, or support a "worthy" cause. The daily attack of media and advertising persuade the public to be one and the same, rather than allowing them to function as humans who follow their own beliefs. Public opinion is formed through media propaganda. The network of communication systems – radio, magazines, newspaper, television, and films – informs those exposed as to their roles in society and their culture. Advertising has but one purpose: to sell a product or service or to promote a political figure by any and all means necessary including brainwashing the general public. Companies try to make the consumer aware of its product and convince the world that its product is better than that of the competitor as seen with the war between McDonalds and Burger King restaurants. This misuse of triggering the subconscious minds induces the public to buy things without knowing they have been deceived. Parents have the heaviest influence in shaping one's values. However, the media often tries to contradict that and force the viewer into thinking that perhaps they have been taught wrong, leaving them in a state of confusion. Parents try to teach their kids that smoking is wrong, for example, yet commercials showing the rich and glamorous smoking are seen everyday on television. Subliminal messages are sent to the viewer that those who smoke drive fancy cars and are beautiful people, thus enticing the viewer to smoke their product. One cannot be fully human without values, yet the...
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