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Media Madness

By laramct Nov 02, 2013 589 Words
Teens and young adults are glued to their televisions with shows like Jersey Shore, 16 and Pregnant, Bad Girls Club and The Real World. MTV is constantly searching for new party animals to flaunt their rebellious ways and outrageous personalities on camera. They look for the baddest of the bad, the loudest of the loud and the craziest of the crazy. Recently, these shows influences on adolescents have become more and more apparent. One of these shows in particular has had teens hooked!

Teens paraded the streets this Halloween dressed up as the hit cast of Jersey Shore. Girls sported skin tight clothing while both guys and girls imitated the cast’s notorious, extra tan look. The show goes by the mantra of GTL: Gym, Tanning, Laundry. Tanning is a huge part of the show. Every episode, the characters get U.V ray tanning and compete to become the darkest. Nicole Polizzi from the series has mentioned several times how she'd love to change the world by installing tanning beds in everybody's homes. This promotes fake tanning to viewers with all the good and dangerously bad side affects that come with it.

After their day of gym, tanning and laundry; the cast hits the clubs and parties until the morning hours. The series showcases these local New Jerseyans drinking listlessly from morning to night. They regularly bring home strangers to “smush” (sleep with). Not only this, the cast members have been also arrested on camera and repeatedly get into physical blow outs amongst each other. Most of the time, they show up to their workplace hung over and hours late. While teenagers are the shows main audience; these acts endorse violence and project the concept that the party life is acceptable and the best lifestyle.

The male characters on the show portray that the undermining of women is appropriate. They speak of and to women in a very aggressive manner. They pick at the women’s appearances and mentally put them down. They have an overall attitude towards females that they are above them, teaching this unacceptable behavior to viewers. The men use the shows unique slang, including words such as “grenade”, which is used to describe an unattractive lady. This language is extremely objectifying. They also clearly demonstrate the men mistreating girls that are complete strangers. The overall disrespectful attitude of these characters so many teen’s look-up to, does not show how totally inappropriate these actions are, yet encourage’s them.

At such a crucial time of an individuals growing stage; strong and positive values should be enforced. Our years during adolescence, are a time for huge psychological development when influences have a great impact on who we become. This is a time to give ourselves the opportunity to have great potential in the future. Exposing teenagers to this surreal type of lifestyle, throws them in the wrong direction completely. It is tragic that this footage and behavior is given so much press and media and is so easily accessible by children at such a young age. It is such an unrealistic approach to life. Many wonder why each generation is getting more and more ignorant and rude. We have these shows to thank for the growing oblivion. Exposing adolescents to these characters should not be allowed. We are destroying children’s values and morals when we introduce and encourage these lifestyles. Apparently we used to see a celebrity as someone with outstanding success or a magnificent gift to offer. Today, who do we see as a celebrity?

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