Media Literacy

Topics: Mass media, Concentration of media ownership, Propaganda Pages: 6 (2050 words) Published: April 24, 2006
Media Literacy Essay
By Jason Barnett

In this essay I will discuss corporate ownership of the media, who owns these media outlets, and there tools of deceiving the public. There is a great group out there called "Project Censored" and this group "shows important news stories that aren't being covered properly" (project "Every year for the past three decades, Sonoma State University's Department of Sociology has produced a powerful little book called "Project Censored", reporting on the "top 25" censored stories ignored or suppressed by our corporately-owned commercially-financed mainstream culture of "news". (Project Censored 2006). Why is this? It is because of what they call "Junk food news" (; news that has no relevance to anything but trying to sell us more cars or just fill our minds with filler. "The "Junk News" section reminds us what stories dominated the headlines, Ashton and Demi, the Michael Jackson imbroglio, etc. – no need to remind you of them As the United States enters the 21st century, however, its third century as a so-called constitutional Republic, most mainstream American journalists, out of fear, ignorance, or denial, refuse to acknowledge a simple fact about our great country. The state of our "news" culture is deeply troubling. The United States is now the most powerful Empire in the world. And, as citizens of the most powerful Empire in world history, Americans had better know what the hell is going on. But when it comes to "news," Americans live in one of the most heavily censored societies in the world. We've got dozens of television stations, hundreds of magazines, thousands of radio stations, millions of web sites. Pay no attention to the fact that most Americans surveyed claim to get all of their news and information about the world from television.( Or that we see, on average, more than 3,000 advertisements each day. Or that 90% of our media content is owned by one of six transnational corporations. (Project censored 2006, project "Or that millions taxpayer dollars are funneled into dozens of federal agencies for the express purpose of manufacturing of corporate-friendly "news" VNRS (video news releases) broadcast daily on millions of American TV sets without being identified as such". ( "Denial" is not just a river in Egypt. Fortunately, though for those who care about investigative journalism, and what a year 2005-2006 was for obfuscation, diversion, spin, on the screens and in the pages of the U.S. mainstream press. Want to know how many Iraqis have been killed more than 100,000. Wondering if any lingering questions about the 911 "terrorist" attacks exist? How ‘bout that "Oil For Food" program? Concerned about Big Brother, the Patriot Act, and the arrival of a post-911 "surveillance society"? What happened during the 2004 presidential "election" anyway? Questioning why the new Department of Homeland Security seems incapable of rooting out the bad guys here. Meanwhile, the theft of the 2004 presidential "election", and the cozy relationship between the military/industrial complex and corporate media owners, to name but a few. This now brings me to how this information comes to be and the evil tyrants who control the media. These news channels have what are called "Conglomerates" which are a "corporations made up of a number of different companies that operate in diversified fields". (Webster's dictionary) What this means is, say the New York Times, wants to write a story about how the new Ford f-250 has a steering problem. This story will be buried before it gets told because The New York times are affiliated with the Ford Motor Company. It is...
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