Media Laws & Ethics

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Media Laws and Ethics – MCM 610


A law is basically a body of principles or rules which are the basis of a society and are abide by the society. No system in a society can exist without a law. Human life needs a proper rule of conduct or principle at every step. It is also important for a successful society. If it will not happen then there will b anarchy and disturbance in a society and it will not exist for long. There are various definitions of law. Some of them are as follows 1. A rule of conduct or procedure established by custom, agreement, or authority. 2. A code of principles based on morality, conscience, or nature. 3. A law is rules of conduct of any organized society, however simple or small, that are enforced by threat of punishment if they are violated. Modern law has a wide sweep and regulates many branches of conduct. A body of rules of conduct of binding legal force and effect, prescribed, recognized, and enforced by controlling authority. 4. A body of rules of conduct of binding legal force and effect, prescribed, recognized, and enforced by controlling authority. Need and importance of law There are a number incidents taking place all the time which could be harmful to people. This lead to the need of making law. People need a proper code of life. They need to know their as well as others right only then they could lead a peaceful life. Laws were made by the kings to empower themselves .why laws are too important for a society or for a community! In ancient periods, laws were made due to fear, like prohibited areas in this case animals or the nature were the main force to construct laws or restrictions. Actually, restrictions were the first source of laws that were adopted by human beings. Today, we believe that it was our ancestors those made life very miserable in some context. On the other hand we are highly blessed that we do not need to go in details of such things those are proved by our forefathers’ experiences. However, it is quite clear that we need some rules and regulation to live. So, that’s why we make laws to be known as knowledgeable creature. We are ruling over other creatures because of the law that is “Survival of the fittest”. Natural Laws Even nature has certain laws which are strictly obeyed by nature as well as its creatures. Such as laws of sunrise and sun set, changing of day and nights, revolving of earth around sun, law of birth and death. Such laws are above human control and cannot be altered. We have to obey them. Thus they also affect our customs, culture, traditions and on the whole our whole life. Common laws are dependent on natural laws but natural laws are not dependent on common laws. For example let’s talk about our traffic laws. They were made to control the traffic, to bring a discipline and organization in traffic system. If there would be no laws there would be no discipline n thus it will cause disturbance not for an individual but for a whole society so if has given a sense to society that if they will obey them there would be a discipline and peace. A gentle and sensible man always obey the laws not because of fear but because he has been trained like that since his childhood. But some people obey them because of the fear of being punished. Because if you will break any law whether its man mane or natural laws you will have to pay for them. In other words you will be punished. ETHICS Ethics is a branch of philosophy. It is related to human nature. It reflects our behaviour.It plays an important role in building up our nature and behavior. As a society is made by people and their behavior and ethics plays an important role in organizing our behaviors so it is an important part of a society.

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Media Laws and Ethics – MCM 610
DEFINITIONS Following are some of the definitions of ethics as is defined by some philosophers. Ethics is a branch of philosophy that deals with moral component of...
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