Media Is a Scapegoat

Topics: Marilyn Manson, Gangsta rap, Person Pages: 3 (1112 words) Published: November 13, 2008
Media is the Scapegoat for Today’s World

I do not believe that violence in video games, movies, and music affects the decisions of the people who play or watch them if they were raised right. I get very frustrated when people cannot take responsibility for their own actions. My whole life people have blamed the actions taken by people on some form of media. If this is true than it means I do not have free will, for the things I watch and interact with will shape the person I will become. That thought greatly disturbs me as I believe I have learned self control as I matured. I do not believe that just because I like scary and bloody video games that I will someday kill people and destroy cities. I believe that through learning and understanding of today’s cultures and freedoms keep a person balanced. When people commit a horrible crime like the columbine massacre the public looked to blame “Marilyn Manson” and the movie “Natural Born Killers”. The public said that if those teenagers had never watched or listened to those types of media that horrible event might not have happened. I believe if their parents had taken a little more time to pay attention to their children it would have prevented it from happening. I believe that if the teachers or school staff had paid more attention to the events leading up to the massacre it might not have happened. I do not blame it on those movies and songs. I have listened to Marilyn Manson and I own natural born killers. Does this make your opinion of me seem different? Are you afraid that I will come and murder you because I listen to Death Metal and watch gory movies? I know that I base my beliefs on more than what a person watches on television and the games they play. There are endless amounts of violence in today’s media. Whether it is movies, games like “Grand Theft Auto” or gangster rap music. I believe these are a conduit to channel the rage and aggression programmed in our minds. We all have instincts and...
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