Media Is Everywhere

Topics: Mass media, Marshall McLuhan, Propaganda Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: June 21, 2011
Media is everywhere; it has become a part of our daily life. The media plays a dominant role in the learning process. Its impact is vast in shaping the life of an individual. Media has the potential to shape personalities, change the way we perceive and understand the world and our immediate reality.

In the last 50 years the media influence has grown with the advance of technology, first there was the telegraph, then the radio, the newspaper, magazines, television and now the internet. We live in a society that depends on information and communication to keep moving in the right direction and do our daily activities. What we need to be aware of is that most of our decisions, beliefs and values are based on what we know for a fact, our assumptions and our own experience. In our work we usually know what we have to do based on our experience and studies, however in our daily lives we rely on the media to get the current news and facts about what is important and what we should be aware of. We have put our trust in the media as an authority to give us news, entertainment and education. However, the influence of mass media on our kids, teenagers and society is so big that we should know how it really works.

Of all the media distribution channels the most influential has been the television, we are constantly exposed to thousands of images of violence, advertising, sex, celebrities and much more. But who owns the media? The media is basically dominated by five major companies they are: Time Warner, VIACOM ,General Electric , Walt Disney and ,News Corp. they have merged so now they are just a few and they have the power to shape are opinions and beliefs. There are both positive and negative impacts the media has on the society.

Here’s an example of a positive influence, if there is a sport that is getting a lot of attention by the media and gains popularity among society and your friends, you will be more likely want to practice the sports and be cool with all...
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