Media Influence on Teens

Topics: Christina Aguilera, Advertising, Britney Spears Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: September 26, 2006
Sex Sells

The media dominates how young men and women should look, act and feel. By Charlotte Whiting

"How to get a bum like Jessica in only two weeks. How to diet and see results quickly. Or the three day makeover that promises to get you attention."

The media is a very powerful an underestimated source. Over the past decades our morals, beliefs and perceptions of life have changed dramatically and part of this is due to the media. The media dominates how young men and women should look.

The popular teen magazine ‘Dolly' is marketed at ages from 10 to about 16. In the current May issue it gives girls advice about "how to get better skin tomorrow" and offers detailed information about "sex ed." The pages of Dolly magazine and others alike are filled with comments aimed at young girls whether it's to sell the latest product or convince them that if they behaved in a certain way they would be happier and have more friends. Young girls are constantly reading pages filled with re- occurring beauty tips on how to look like celebrities and achieve their desirable looks. The latest and hottest trends are frequently advertised as ‘the look you need right now'.

With so many influences, how can we blame teens for being sucked in? They are targeted by large companies and are easily persuaded by peers and their ‘idols.'

Famous singers like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson, rely on sex to sell their songs and merchandise. Their every move is watched constantly by the media and they are always being criticized about the way they look and this then reflects on the standards that we set amongst each other. Not only are the lyrics often provocative and sexual but they are teamed with completely outraging, sexually arousing video clips. It is no wonder young girls are trying to grow up so fast. Christina Aguilera's controversial hit "Dirrty" definitely had stimulating lyrics, not to mention the video clip.

"Tight hip huggers (low...
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