Media Influence - Effects of Media on Society

Topics: Mass media, Newspaper, Marshall McLuhan Pages: 2 (362 words) Published: May 21, 2012
Hello everybody, welcome to our presentation.
The subject of our presentation is the effects & the influences of the media. Our presentation consists of 4 parts.
What is media?
Plural form of medium (medius in Latin) which means an agency or means of doing something, a means by which something is communicated or expressed. Newspapers, magazines, radio and television considered as a group; mass communication Mediation of indirect activities: Unlike the face to face communication which is direct, media involves some indirect activities. In media, we have; sender –media- & receiver –mass, society, individuals- for example. Lets have a look at the TYPES of MEDIA

In the last 50 years the media influence has grown rapidly with the technology. First, there was the telegraph, then the radio, the newspaper, magazines, television and now the internet. We live in a society that depends on information and communication to keep moving in the right direction and do our daily activities like work, entertainment, health care, education, personal relationships, traveling and anything else that we have to do. A common person in the city usually;

wakes up
checks the tv news,
goes to work,
makes a few phone calls,
eats with their family and
makes his decisions
However, the influence of mass media on our kids, teenagers and society is so big that we should know how it really works. We all know that our life would remain incomplete without the media. The radio, television, newspaper and internet are some forms through which we get information. Just like other fields, a vast development is seen in media fields also. The common people believe the news given by the media. So, the media should be very careful before giving any news to the public. They have to cover important happenings, in all the fields, around the world. There is no use in creating emotional feelings among public by exaggerating the happenings and giving sensational news. The media persons...
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