Media in the Modern Era

Topics: Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, Mass media Pages: 7 (2535 words) Published: March 6, 2013

Assignment Of Functional English
Submitted to MR. Dilawar Qureshi
By : Awais Ismail Soomro (MBA-17)
Dated : 08-02-2013



1. Rising Power of Media and the Modern World.
2. Importance and influence of Media
3. Role which media is playing and which should played.
4. Power of Media in Pakistan
5. Impact of media over Pakistani culture, society and Politics 6. Pakistani Media in its youth
7. Government’s measures to control media
8. A Big source of knowledge and Awareness among the Masses. 9. Advertising Industry and Media
10. Yellow Journalism part of Media
11. Media in the mirror of accountability
12. Illegal Authority of Media representatives
13. Today’s media is an opinion maker
14. Future of Media and the world rising powers
15. Conclusion


The modern time shows the power of media, as it has become a monstrous power giant of the modern world today. The whole world is bearing the witness of the west domination in all spheres of world, and so is the case with the media. The strings of international media are in the hands of west, and west is promulgating whatever there agenda is to make there influence credible and reliable. Basically there are two types of media, Electronic Media and Print Media. Both have their own areas of exercise. Before the monopoly of electronic media, print media had the same monopoly which it has lost now. In Electronic Media there are different types like Television, Radio, VCR, Tape Recorder and the Internet. In Print Media there are also different types like Newspaper, digest, Magazine, pamphlet, book and brochure. These are the sources over which media executes. Due to the long range of sources on which media executes, the power of media is growing immensely. And owing to the rising power of media, the world big powers are exploiting the use of media to the maximum extent to gain their personal designs. However, media is rendering great services for the good of world’s masses also.

Media has a great importance and utilization in every context of life. Today, one cannot even imagine the life without media. Media has made us aware of our surroundings. In past it was really difficult to know each and every thing about distant areas, but today we can even know the news about far flung areas. This is the power of media that one can see jet fighters of Afghanistan dropping bombs while sitting in America and Europe. Moreover, the significance of today’s media can be judged by the increasing usage of internet. No thing is bad, but the use of things could be bad. Same as, media itself is not bad, but the use of media could be bad. The rising power of media, if organized properly, can be transformed into a highly useful means of progress. Regardless of the fact that the west is using media treacherously, the importance of media is undeniable.

It is evident, by the power of media, that media influences the individuals and nations. America and Israel, through the power of media, are trying to pressure Iran. They have allied many a countries with them to oppose Iranian acts in form of UN and EU. They are leading a mass Media campaign to urge all the countries and nations against Iran’s nuclear program. There are many other examples of Media influence over the Society and Culture, like the Indian Media today is influencing Pakistani Culture and Society very seriously. Even Pakistani children are singing Indian religious songs, like Banday Mataram. This was a trailer of Media’s influence over masses, now we turn the talk toward the individuals. It is observed that Media, in any society, affects the behaviors of individuals and particularly of children. The research, over the issue, has shown that children of those societies are more violent, where the Media shows violent movies or serials. Hollywood...
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