Media in Nepal After Democracy

Topics: Kathmandu, Journalism, Freedom of speech Pages: 4 (1177 words) Published: December 19, 2010
Media in Nepal after Democracy
-Narendra Maharjan

After the Restoration of democracy in 2046 B.S. a drastic change came in the Nepali Media particularly in the private sector. Liberal provision and guarantee of press freedom enshrined in the constitution opened up avenues for the private sector to involve on media sector. The 2046's democracy yielded by the People's Movement also established rights and freedom of the press. After the success of people's movement, new constitution (Nepal's constitution 2047 B.S.) has guaranteed the press freedom and right to information to people. It was widely praised. Wide impact of this provision has been seen to the media sector. Political and other sectors have also been benefited by this freedom. This provision encouraged the media sector luring huge investment in media. Media became professional and it was accepted as the industry of the country. Political parties became free and Political activities sped up. Before this, people can not imagine television run by private sector. Television and Radio in private sector started and are going on. Off set press came into use and due to the accessibility of computer media became too advanced. So there was a favorable environment to develop professional journalism in Nepal. Kantipur and The Kathmandu Post, the first broad sheet national dailies from private sector were published in 2049 Falgun 7th. Due to the popularity in the short time many other broadsheet dailies came out. Some of them sustained and some went out from the sight. During this period online journalism also came out and because of the computer it was possible to read the newspaper and to hear the radio in computer. Due to competition in media and development of technology, simultaneous publications were also started to get published. Nepal Samacharpatra started to publish from Biratnagar since 2058 B.S., Baisakh. Likewise, Kantipur started since 2061 B.S. Ashar from Bharatpur. Newspaper publications were also...

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