Media Has a Negative Influence on Real Life Behavior

Topics: Violence, Media influence, Television Pages: 3 (1199 words) Published: January 25, 2009
A new up and running website has come to our attention, one which shows live videos featuring head turning footage that will be sure to make your mouth drop. An anonymous person has taken the time to set up contraptions which brutally kill people. The Catch? The website's viewers are the ones responsible for the killing. A direct relationship between the counter on the website and the killing machine has been set up to where the more internet surfers that log on, the faster and more painful the slaughtering occurs. This scene is from a recent film titled Untraceable. The movie is a perfect example of how much our society has changed. From a television series to song lyrics, the media has become less involved in censoring inappropriate scenes or music selections. Before the 1980's it was hard to find a television show that cursed or showed a nudity scene before twelve a.m. Since then, adult language and adult content have increased to a point where we don't even think about turning the channel or flinch when we hear these words and see these brutal scenes we've become so used to in everyday life.

In the movie Untraceable, as the website caught more and more attention, more and more viewers tuned in. Although they knew the terms of the website, people were so caught up in the footage of murder. This is a great example of how media negatively influences behavior. As a society, we've begun to think things that we know are wrong are suddenly becoming more acceptable. Video games, music videos, horror films, and youtube are all negative media influences. Censoring has become harder when video games are only popular if it involves guns and crime. Anyone can search for any type of fight and find it on the popular website Not only do these media sources provide the footage, but also encourage others to mimic such behavior. Whether kids want to become famous for their 'fight footage' as well or they thought a video game gun down was exciting, violence...
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