Media effects

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Media effects assignment

I have always been fond of media of all kinds – TV, magazines, radio etc. When I think back on my life, many of my memories do include an element of media. It is as if everything that I have done can either be related to a song, a TV show that I saw or an article that I read.

One of the best memories that I have from my primary school years is the one where I was dressed up as ”Posh Spice” in Spice Girls. Being a true ”girly girl”, I remember how I loved to dress up as the girls in Spice Girls and perform in front of my class during the class ”performance hour” every Friday. Being a Swede, I believe I didn´t really know the meaning of each and every word spoken in the song (and neither did my friends), but we still worshipped them. I remember how me and my friends used to buy everything with Spice Girls – stickers, collection photos, videos, t-shirts and even candy with their logo on. I was in third grade when they became popular and I remember how I was the only one who owned their video at first, so everyone wanted to borrow it or watch it at my house. I ended up watching the same video maybe 30-40 times. Although CD´s were available for purchase back then, they were quite expensive so I remember that I used to tape them instead with a cassette when they were on the radio. Even today when I come across one of their songs, it brings back good memories.

When I was a young child, I wasn´t allowed to watch too much TV but when I did, what I enjoyed most of the time was the commercials. I could actually sit there and watch commercial after commercial while feeling entertained. One of my favorite commercials were the McDonald´s ads. In Sweden, they used to be showing their ads everyday and it often featured what gifts they were giving out in the Happy Meal for that week. This resulted, of course, in me wanting to visit McDonald´s as much as possible and it ended up in me having my seventh birthday there after a lot of...
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