Media Compromising Employees Safety

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Research for Legal Assignment

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Topic: employees privacy being compromised by social media.

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Social Media’s growth has skyrocketed throughout the past decade, with estimates showing that as many as ‘1.43 billion social network users in 2012’ (Aron,c. 2012.). With the massive increase in online users, come several legal implications -Introduce the privacy act

-laws need to adapt with the dramatic change in social networking problem
legislation that applies
how the recommendations would apply

The Information Privacy Act 2009, of Qld, states under subsection 23 b) that for an entity to constitute using information they must: (b) take… the information into account in the making of a decision; (Anon, 2009) Using Sites such as Facebook, employers can completely change their mind with regard to the interviewee’s application for the job, and gain access to information that is personal to the interviewee

Employment Law Issues

The use of social media in the employment context raises a lot of tricky legal issues. First, many organizations use social media to vet candidates for employment and as part of background checks. The information obtained from a social media site may constitute a “consumer report” under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and similar state laws, and employers may have to obtain an individual’s consent before accessing such information (or may be prohibited from using that information to make employment decisions).

During employment, the issue is to what extent an employee may have privacy rights concerning its use of social media while at work, and to what extent the employer may monitor such activities. Overzealous employers that create fake social media accounts to monitor social media activities of their employees could also raise legal issues, including issues under the Stored Communications Act, which is part of the larger Electronic Communications Privacy...

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