media bias

Topics: Critical thinking, Frank G. Jackson, Reasoning Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: March 30, 2014
Media Bias
There is some form of bias in everything, especially in the media. When reporters break the news or journalists write an article they should remain impartial to the story and speak on factual information regarding the event that is being reported. However when there is a breaking story, every news station wants to be the first to report the story but the information that is conveyed to the audience may not really be accurate, clear or concise. The story that was written regarding the three missing women that were found after ten years was one of story that was not clear, concise or accurate. The story included both facts and fictions of the suspect and acts that neighbors claim to have seen over the years. The story was controversial around the world, however, everyone’s perspective was the same. Every person that spoke on the events had the same emotions, joy, thankfulness, and shock, that after all of the years that had passed, the girls were still alive. The media did a great job reporting the breaking news but there were a lot of stories that circulated regarding disturbing events that other in the neighborhood claimed to have seen over the course of the years. Speaking to family members, associates, and neighbors of the victims and the suspect caused the audience to draw his or her own conclusions before hearing any substantial facts or circumstances of events. According to article, May 2013, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, We have many unanswered questions regarding this case, and the investigation will be ongoing There were no alternative perspectives and worldviews discussed. There were others that spoke about similar events or having a loved one in the same situations but unfortunately not having a happy ending to their story. Then there was the 911 calls that were also available in the article, which was an intricate part to the rescue of the ladies. The 911 operators received calls and told that there was a kidnapping...
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