Media and Politics Essay

Topics: Mass media, Concentration of media ownership, Media bias Pages: 6 (2178 words) Published: March 22, 2009
The United Sates has always been considered one of the freest countries in the world, and the U.S. also has one of the freest media’s in our world. The government does regulate some things with the media but at the same time realizes that some things fall under the 1st amendment. In this essay I will discuss many parts of the media and some of its past. I will go into the history of the media, the role of television, political campaigns and the media, government and the media, regulation of the media, and bias in the media. I will also discuss why the media is so important to our country today. The mass media performs a number of different functions in any country. The study of people and politics—of how people gain the information that they need to be able to choose among political candidates, to organize for their own interests, and to formulate opinions on the politics and decisions of the government—must take into account the role played by the media. Historically the print media played the most important role in informing public debate. The print media developed, for the most important role in informing public debate. As internet use grows, the system of gathering and sharing news and information.

Media plays a huge part in the government and political campaigns. The newspaper is one of the oldest forms of this. Roughly three thousand newspapers were being published by 1860 like, the New York Tribune, were mainly sensation mongers that concentrated on crimes, scandals, and the like. The New York Herald specialized in self-improvement and what today would be called practical news. The sole reason for the existence of such periodicals was further the interests of the politicians who paid for their publication. The age of the electromagnetic signal lead to a few thousand people tuning in on very primitive, homemade sets. By 1924, there were nearly 1,400 radio stations. Just as technological change was responsible for the end of politically sponsored periodicals, technology is increasing the number of alternative news sources today the print media in catering to specialized tastes. The electronic media is becoming more and more like multiple news outlets have given rise to literally thousands of talk shows on television, radio, and the Internet. The internet also plays a big role in political media. The Internet makes it possible for a Web site to be highly ideological or partisan and to encourage online chat with others of the same persuasion.

Television is one of the most influential medium and is also big business. National news TV personalities such as Peter Jennings may earn millions of dollars per year from their TV contracts alone. By 2005, the amount of time the networks devoted to news-type programming have increased to about three hours, instead of eleven minutes in 1963. Television’s influence on the political process today is recognized by all who engage in the process. Television news is often criticized for being superficial, particularly compared with the detailed coverage available in the print media, such as the New York Times. In fact, television news is constrained by its technical characteristics, the most important being the limitations of time—stories must be reported in only a few minutes. Television news can also be exploited for its drama by well-constructed stories. Some critics suggest that there is pressure to produce television news that has a “story-line,” like a novel or movie. Because television is the primary news source for the majority of Americans, candidates and their consultants spend much of their time devising strategies that use television to their benefit. Three types of TV coverage are generally employed in campaigns for the presidency and other offices: advertising, management of news coverage, and campaign debates.

All forms of the media—television, newspapers, radio, magazines, and online services—have a significant political impact on American society. Media...
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