Media and Its Effect on Self Esteem

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Media and Self-esteem

Since long ago, the media has advertised and portrayed women in such a way that is unattainable, therefore glamorizing the women with the most physically attractive bodies in order to “sell” various products. The type of bodies that the media displays seem to be the cause of multiple issues that concern the young women all over the world as the never-ending flow of these images tend to be unavoidable. Magazines, being one of the main source of media used by women, have been telling women to pay more extra attention on their outside features, such as hair, body shape, make-up, clothing, etc. Most of these advertisements tend to be more about beauty and materials, but includes almost nothing concerning the more “important” features that build one’s quality as a whole or issues that are more severe. Growing up is all sorts of media and what it usually displays, I have grown up struggling with the acceptance of my own body since the media impacted me in a way that left me constantly trying to obtain such a body image even till this day. Not only is it me that is struggling to win this silent battle, but it is a great number of people and counting. There are many young women that have fallen victim, including myself, to the effects of flawless body images that are advertised therefore leading to various extreme lengths that a women would go through weight loss, attempting to obtain a thin body type that is considered to be idealistic, however nearly impossible. The media definitely contributes to the many issues that young women develop while being exposed such images and young women seem to be determined in fixing rather than accepting and being happy with their own bodies. It is apparent that the mass media portrays their own definition of an “ideal body image” which seem to target mainly young women in our society, however being exposed to such images can be linked back to various problems concerning one’s self-esteem and well-being in

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