Media and corruption

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Role of Media in Combating Corruption

In our democratic system we have the role of three important organs i.e. Legislature, Judiciary and Executive. These organs of state are assigned with different roles viz. making laws, deciding legality or illegality and Implementation of laws respectively. These three arms of the democracy are given their respective areas to work on and with the sole objective of service of people or welfare of the common masses. The relative dependence or independence of these organs are always considered a matter of discussion. In some countries there is total separation of these three organs and there are countries like India where the executive is part of the legislature. The constitution has clearly defined the roles of these units and there seems to be no overlapping even in their functioning. But yet we can’t say in our nation all these three organs are performing even to their average capacity. Corruption i.e. using official postion for personal gain is widespread in these institutions. It is difficult to find good and honest people in these institutions but yet there are people who are making our country stronger every coming day. Can we say that these organs of state democracy are working to the benefit of common masses? We may be sad to know that our answer may be BIG NO. Legislature is given the task of making laws but we all know the quality of debates in Parliament and State Legislature. The number of days parliament functions is even less than 60, however several committies have suggested at least more than 100 days. Judiciary in practical sense is very far away from common man, imagine an institution that is working for the people finding people afraid of it. We all can’t deny that in our heart. Executive who is expected to touch the common man seems to be very high class strata of people who are finding common man untouchables. Untouchability which our constitution ended through article 17 has taken a new form everywhere. Solutions are emerging and problems are changing but the pace is really vary. What is the solution? Do we need any other organ? Any new pillar of democracy to strengthen it? We all know that a structure can be strongly supported by four legs then any other combination. So we need the fourth pillar in democracy. Right, with the help of technology and intellectual capacity of individual we have it i.e Media. Media

We all know what is Media. Media is actually refer to medium which help us to know the unknown thing which otherwise would have remain archaic and hidden. We have different media performing their different stated objectives e.g. Print Media, Television, Social Media through Internet, Mobile Phone and so many new which may be coming in the time to come. Role of Print Media

The oldest of the modern media is Print Media which comprises of Newspapers, Books, Journals etc. The most common is Newspaper which has the maximum reach to the common man. We are almost imcomplete without our daily newspaper. We should remember that during our freedom struggle the role of newspapers like Gadhiji’s Young India and Harijan, Tilak’s Kesari, and Payam E Azadi, Maulana Abulkalam Azad's Alhilal and many others. They raise people to took part in freedom struggle of India. Print media’s coverage is enormous. Even in the rural end when no other facility is available newspapers reach and they apprise the common man of the happenings in the nation and the world. Because of extensive reach, Print media has the power of making or breaking the government not satisfying the will of the people and it can help in overthrowing any government due to its negative engagements like corruption. Role of Television

24 X 7 News channels are currently very effective in reaching to the common man. The people can watch their leaders working and can judge themselves what is happening. It really is becoming a standard to judge the strenghth and weakness of Political parties. Recently we have...
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