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La Sentinelle is one among the first and most successful media group in Mauritius and in the Indian Ocean, which is based in Baie-du-Tombeau, founded in 1963.The vision of the company has always been the reference for regional industry of media and their mission’s is to transmit information independently, create concept and to develop means of communication of good quality. If we have to resume or find another name for La Sentinelle, it would definitely be “INNOVATION”. The visit of the La Sentinelle has been planned by our Lecturer Mr. NAD Sivaramen to get an idea of the media world outsides books and lectures. I visited it on 27.08.2014 with my colleagues of the Open University of Mauritius. We were as excited as, for all of us; media world was just a word, or a far away idea from the reality. Once in front of the building, we immediately felt the connection to this particular unknown world. It’s a very lavish grey building, with a big yard and parking area. We got warmth welcome from our venue by two trainees Journalist, who accompanied us inside the building where we were also gladly received by other employees. They were very friendly. We didn’t felt any hesitation, since they makes us feel at ease. All the employees we met were very well dressed up, in a proper professional way and their talks were even more professional. And then the trainee accompanied by the secretary of Mr. NAD Sivaramen, who is the Director of Publication of the prestigious media group La sentinelle, brought us to a conference room where I and my colleagues settle for a brief introduction of both the trainee and the secretary. We had a friendly conversation with both of them. After that, Mr. NAD Sivaramen came to meet us and accompanied us to visit all the departments. Starting from Le defi departments till the industry of media. He introduced us to them and he also made us felt very at ease, we didn’t hesitate to ask...
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