Topics: Advertising, Broadcasting, Mass media Pages: 2 (362 words) Published: July 1, 2013
Nowadays, some may hold the opinion that using mass media, include television, radio and newspaper, obviously influence on the thoughts and behaviors of people. But, others think that what people think and behave in daily life has nothing to do with mass media. As far as I am concerned. However, I disagree that Mass media influences people's ideas. When people watch TV, listen to radio and read newspaper, people would be shaping their ideas. My arguments for this point are listed as follows;

The first reason is that people spend wasting their whole time that is watching TV, reading newspapers. If they use these mass media too much, it may cause mental laziness. Because, people listen to radio or stick eyes to television, newspaper and let scenes films, lines in newspapers flow in their mind without thinking by themselves.

Second, many people watching films are influenced by the characters or scenes. For example, last year a film called "Full house" was on TV in my country. This film was so famous that it raised a "fever", everyone watched it, especially teenagers. The main character is a very fascination to teens. Immediately after 2 weeks "Full house" was on TV, many teenagers seek to buy clothes like the main characters'. Adding to films, many advertisements on TV have a great influence in the decision of people. For example, my brother bought a purifier water to remain alive last week just after watching an advertisement on TV, saying that the water we are drinking is heavily polluted.

Finally, when you read newspaper or listen to radio, you are often persuaded by their analysis, argument, or persuasive voice. You will see everything in newspaper, on radio is reasoning, which may affect on the way your think and daily life. You don't know people who write papers, speak on radio are trained to do it. They always have the way to make listeners or readers believe them. 

In a word, from reasons above, we may reach the conclusion that the mass media...
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