Media's Effects on People's Lives

Topics: Mobile phone, Television, Addiction Pages: 4 (1316 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Media’s Effects On People’s Lives

One the past few decades, so many things have been invented and they have changed human's traditional lives and thoughts. The media – including television, radio, internet , telephone ...- also had a deep impact on people's normal means of entertainment and communication ever since those are invented . Are these good or bad effects on people's lives that media make? This is a big question that has being debated for so many years

Media make our life better
Thanks to the invention of television, people now don't have to travel around the world to widen their knowledge and get to know what is happening all over the world or just to witness a beautiful scene that they have heard about. All they have to do is just to sit comfortably on a couch and turn on the TV with the remove control. There are so many programmes that are suitable for all kind of viewers: cartoon for kids, music show for teenagers, cooking show for housewives, reality show for men.... Besides, watching TV is also a way for people to relax after a hard day. That's why there are so many famous and successful shows have million viewers, for example , the premiere episode of the season 6 of American Idol has reached more than 41 million viewers ("'Idol' Death Star Returns – Premiere ratings build on last year's ginormous numbers".,0,811654.story) , the musical drama Glee also reached 10.112 million viewers its season 2 premiere (). "2010-11 Season Broadcast Primetime Show Viewership Averages". TV by the Numbers. ) …... There are also some positive sides of TV that we can't deny : helping people to learn about other cultures , family's members of all ages can have an oporturnitiy to spend time together while watching it...

If television is ranked to be the most important invention in media...

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