Medevac Evacuation

Topics: Emergency evacuation, Medicine, Ambulance Pages: 6 (1123 words) Published: November 1, 2012
1.What is the primary function of the ambulance team?

Ground ambulance teams provide medical evacuation from the POI to supporting MTFs while ensuring the continuity of care en route. The primary goal of MEDEVAC is to minimize mortality (the Died of Wounds (DOW) percentage) by rapidly and efficiently moving the sick and wounded to a medical treatment facility

2.What is the primary function of preventive medicine section?

The PVNTMED section assigned to medical companies has a primary responsibility for supervising the unit’s PVNTMED program as described in AR 40-5.

The section ensures measures are implemented to protect personnel against food, water, and arthropod borne diseases, as well as environmental injuries.

Provides advice and consultation in the area of health threat assessment, FHP, environmental sanitation, epidemiology, sanitary engineering, and pest management. 
Assists the higher headquarters in determining requirements for medical intelligence assessments, particularly with respect to CBRN and disease prevalence.
Coordinates with supporting veterinary teams for conducting and implementing food safety and quality assurance surveillance and assisting in food borne and zoonotic disease surveillance and control.

3.What are the means by which commanders express their visualization, commander’s intent, and decisions?

They focus on results the commander expects to achieve. This provides the basis for ensuring that medical evacuation operations are comprehensively planned, synchronized, responsive, and ensure a seamless continuum of care.

4.What are medical evacuation planning considerations?

Medical evacuation planning considerations, although essentially the same at all levels of command, may entail a broader scope, complexity, and detail at the higher levels of command due to the coordination and synchronization requirements which exist across command lines and service or multinational boundaries. METT-TC

Based on the type of operation:
Define trigger points for changes in the evacuation support plan.
Develop a concept of operations for all of the corps evacuation resources.
Define the level or air-to-air threat and the
threat faced by ground evacuation resources and
the impact of this threat on the overall evacuation plan. This will be a major consideration in
dictating which means of evacuation will be the
primary means.
Terrain and weather
Define the types of terrain in the theater and use information as a major consideration in dictating the primary means of evacuation (ground or air in each sector) and any factors that may impair

evacuation efforts.
Troops and support
a. Disseminate locations of facilities used in
evacuation, MTFs, MASFs, and aerial ports of
debarkation (APOD).

b. Disseminate the capabilities and availability of joint evacuation assets and how to request their assistance.

c. Collect contact information from all evacuation units, assemble and publish for theater use.

d. Standardize a mandatory evacuation mission
data collection format and collection method and schedule.
Time Available
a. Define the acceptable limits of evacuation
time based on the distance from evacuation units.

b. Determine the proper allocation of resources to support the entire theater requirements.

c. Plan for trigger points (in time or distance) for
changes in the evacuation plan to occur.

d. Define phases of the operation that reflect the
commander’s intent. Major changes in
evacuation coverage...
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