Medal of Honor

Topics: Battle of the Bulge, World War II, 99th Infantry Division Pages: 2 (754 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Medal Of Honor: Vernon McGairty’s Story
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Marissa Stone
Many men are being honored today, as in back then, for their extraordinary efforts to save the ones that mean most to them. These men will never be forgotten and our country’s way of showing our respect is by awarding them with the Medal of Honor. The Medal of Honor is the United States highest military awarded for personal acts beyond and above duty, which is awarded by the president of the United States. Vernon McGarity, one of the many Medal of Honor recipients, was born on December 1, 1921 in Hardin County, Tennessee (“Serving His Country”). He first came to Paris in the late 1930’s, while employed in the Civilian Conservation Corps (“Serving His Country”). During WWII he decided to join the U.S. Army in Model, in Stewart County (“Serving His Country”). He then moved up and served as a technical sergeant with the 99th Infantry Division during the Battle of Bulge in December 1944 “(Serving His Country”). He was a very brave man, he never let anything, including serious wounds hold him back. During one instance he was severely wounded during the Battle of Bulge, but instead of letting that get to him he decided to return and lead his force (“Serving His Country”). He had many goals in mind and those were; to overcome and defeat the battles, and show honor for his fellow soldiers who didn’t make it out of the war. His perseverance is what lead him through those dangerous battles, without it he would have given up. Giving up the defeat wasn’t an option for him, he signed up to take on those duties, so he was going to fulfill every one of them to the best of his ability. He even fought against Hitler and his forces during WWII (“War Hero”). He was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Harry Truman after the Battle of Bulge ended in 1945, which was a very heart dropping experience for him (“World War II Medal of Honor Recipient”). He and his family will never forget the...

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