Mechanical Systems- Brampton Chrysler Assembly Plant

Topics: Dodge Challenger, Pony car, Muscle car Pages: 3 (1194 words) Published: May 31, 2013
Introductory Paragraph: The Brampton Chrysler Assembly Plant is made up of 8 different parts. When a new car is made, it have to go through all of the 8 parts, stamping plant, body shop, trim line, engine line, chassis line, final line and pre-delivery, respectively. The Brampton Chrysler Assembly Plant owns a total of 581 robots to help get the work done faster and more accurate. These robots have tools or spot welders on the end of their arms. The plant also hires a total of 2871 employees. 2733 workers are paid hourly, and 138 workers are paid on their salary. In addition, the plant possesses conveyors up to 20.4 mile. The conveyor belts are separated into two components, overhead conveyors which carry heavy objects and moving floor which carry extremely heavy objects. Last but not least, The Brampton Chrysler Assembly Plant owns many tools to clean, fix and build the car. This includes power assists arm, air drills, air screwdrivers, air hammers and high speed air sanders. With all these tools, robots, workers and conveyors, is no surprise that they make at least 400 cars a day! Stamping Plant: The stamping plant’s job is to cut or “stamp” out pieces for the car. They use large pieces of metal and put it under a blanking machine, which chop the parts of the car perfectly. After, they have to check for any dents or spots. If there is, they have to stop the whole line because they have to go inside the blanking machine and clean the spot. After, the pieces are sent to the press line where they adjust the curve of each metal part. Lastly, the pieces are sent to the paint shop. Body Shop: In the body shop, all of the pieces made from the stamping plant are gathered and assembled. This line makes the hood, side and the back of the car. This line makes the basic structure of the car. There are 450 robots in this line and each cost about $8000. The robots each have their own specific job. Some build the roof, some mend the pieces together and some even clean the...
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