Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene

Topics: Caliper, Young's modulus, Elasticity Pages: 4 (966 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene
The aim of the experiment is the mechanical effects of the speed on Polypropylene in terms of fracture stress, tensile ductility, nominal yield and young modulus.

Introduction and Theory:
Polypropylene is a plastic polymer of the chemical designation (C3H6).It is used in many different things such as, the food containers, the tubes, clip and screw tops. It is also used as fibre in paving golf courses and the carpets which located around the swimming pool. The melting point of polypropylene is 160o C (320o F), which means higher than other plastics. True Fracture Stress =Fractur loadC.S.A @ fracture N/mm2

- Tensile Ductility=Extension at breakorignal gauge length
- Nominal Yield =load at high yield C.S.A253.911.03 N/mm2
-Young's Modulus = load at high yield C.S.AExtension at high yieldGauge length N/mm2

* 3 Specimens of Polypropylene.

* Calculator.
* J.J Tensometer.

* Digital Vemier Calliper to measure the specimens dimension.

* Ruler.

Safety:This experiment has no risks could be noted because all apparatus were safety (J.J Tensometer, Digital Vemier Calliper, Specimens of Polypropylene).Method:Three specimens of polypropylene were prepared (each one 33 mm).By using Digital venire caliper, the thickness and wide of the specimens were measured. The average of thickness and wide were taken to get the cross section area. All the specimens were attached into J.J Tensometer .By using different speeds in the machine (100, 50, 12.5 mm/second) all the specimens were broken and the machine stopped. The wide and thickness were measured by the Digital vernier caliper. The data was recorded and the graph was drawn by computer. The data and observation were recorded and calculated.|

Tables of the results:

| | | | | | C.S.A. (T X W)|
Specimen(1)| (T)| 2.37 mm| 2.26mm| 2.28mm| Av T=2.30mm| 10.88mm2| | (W)| 4.78 mm| 4.70mm| 4.70mm| Av...

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