Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

The day to day duties of a mechanical engineer are at first repetitive, but over time and with advancement work varies. The average mechanical engineer works anywhere from thirty-five to fifty hours a week. If the engineer is ahead of schedule the hours may be less. Depending on which type of engineer you want be, you will either wear a uniform or semiformal clothing. Usually mechanical engineers work in an office or at a desk, their clothes are semiformal. Mechanical engineers are mainly designing equipment, so the outside work is minimal.

The outlook for a mechanical engineer is good. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics of the Federal Government reports that the size of mechanical engineers is about 230,725. That number is expected to increase about 19 percent by the year 2005. Because things are constantly being designed and manufactured there will always be a need for mechanical engineers.

The average salary for a bachelor's degree without experience is $37,900, for a master's without experience is $45,800, and for the doctoral without experience is $56,700. A professor of mechanical engineering at a university is $20,000 to $40,000. The head of a mechanical engineering department of a university makes upwards of $50,000. After many years of different types of engineering one may become independent and reach earnings of $50,000 to $200,000. Presidents and vice presidents may make $100,000 to $200,000.

Mechanical engineers must be licensed of they are to do anything that affects peoples' lives, property, or the environment. A bachelor's degree is minimal for most companies. A master's degree assures a better starting salary and opportunities for advancement. High school credits should have good grades in: math, physics, chemistry, biology, drafting, computer and mechanical courses. To become a mechanical engineer you should start at a high school level when you notice curiosity of how, any...
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