Mechanical Engineer

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MECHANICAL ENGINEERING is one of the oldest and broadest branches of engineering. It is a profession that concern itself with mechanical design, energy conversion fuel and combustion technologies, heat transfer, materials, noise control and acoustics, manufacturing processes, rail transportation, automatic control, product safety and reliability, solar energy, and technological impacts to society. MECHANICAL ENGINEERS study the behavior of materials when forces are applied to them, such as the motion of solids, liquids, gases and heating and cooling of object and machines. Using these basic building blocks, engineers design space vehicles, computers power plants, intelligence machines and robots, automobiles, trains, airplanes, furnaces, and air conditioners. Mechanical engineers work on the jet engine design, submarines, hot air balloons, textiles and new materials, medical and hospital equipment, and refrigerators and other home appliances. Anything that is mechanical or must interact with another machine or human being is within the broad scope of today’s and tomorrow’s mechanical engineer. Mechanical engineers also design tools that other engineers need. They often work as part of a team that includes scientists who develop new theories and methods, and mechanical engineering technicians who assist engineers with some of their more routine tasks. Mechanical engineers design and develop machines that produce energy, such as car engines and nuclear reactors. They also design and develop machines that use energy including air conditioners, power saws, elevators, and printing presses. Mechanical engineers work on various types of equipment and machines ranging from tiny mechanisms for delicate instruments to huge gears for bulldozers. The field of mechanical engineering is very broad, and some of the diverse job titles include air pollution control engineer, environmental systems engineer, manufacturing engineer, and automotive engineer....
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