Mechanical and Fitting

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Fitting and Machining N2 - Assignment 1

Occupational Safety

1. Classes of machine guards:
- Transmission guards
- Point of operation guards

2. Characteristics of a good guard:
- It must provide maximum positive protection
- It must be corrosion and fire resistant

3. Basic types of guards:
- Interlocking guards
- Fixed guards
- Automatic Guards

4. Safety rules when working with ladders:
- Ladders should be equipped with safety feet
- Never leave a ladder where it may fall

5. Factors to consider when operating a pneumatic machine:
- Check fittings for proper connection
- Check the air strainer and clean if necessary
- Check the guards provided , be sure that it is properly installed - Check for loose parts and tighten them if necessary
- Lubricate machines unless an air line lubricator is used.


1. A coupling connects 2 shafts and transmits power from one shaft (motor) to another (driven parts).

2. 2 Types of permanent couplings:
- Flange coupling
- Marine coupling

3. 2 Types of flexible couplings:
- Nylon sleeve coupling
- Rubber belt coupling

4. A - Yoke
B - Screw
C - Cross piece
D - Shaft

5. Self aligning Couplings – Universal coupling

Limits & Fits

B - Tolerance is the acceptable limits of variation in dimension/size. It is to allow reasonable leeway for imperfections.

C - Allowance is not the same as tolerance; it is the planned difference between dimensions. The difference of size between 2 things e.g. size of hole and size of shaft.

D - Interchange-ability of parts means that it is identical components (parts) that can substitute one another. Manufactured from the same drawing.

2. Bi-lateral tolerance:
- Basic size: 0.500 mm
- Upper limit: 0.502 mm
- Lower limit: 0.498 mm

3. Uni – lateral tolerance:
- Basic size: 0.500 mm
- Upper...
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