Meat & Vegetarianism

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There are countless amounts of people who consider themselves as animal lovers, but then have the audacity to go into a McDonald’s restaurant and eat a hamburger. Seems contradictory right? Many of the animals that people eat on a day to day basis, such as pigs, cow, and chickens, are being sacrificed just to fulfill the human appetite. But many people do not understand that there are other ways to get the full dietary supplements, like all the different types of vitamins and protein needed to function, and live a healthy life, with out having to kill an animal. By not eating meat one can substantially improve their health, the environment and animals.

Many people do not realize that there are many different types of vegetarians. The most common type is the normal “vegetarian” who chooses not to consume meat or fish products. The other type is a vegan, vegans do not eat meat, fish, or any type of dairy foods. Finally there are the flexitarians which many people do not know about, flexitarians try to be on a non-meat diet, but occasionally eat meat at times. People choose to be vegetarians for many different types of reasons. Three of the main reasons are; health, animal cruelty, and religion. By being a vegetarian people have a much healthier diet and have longer life expectancies. Another reason is the animal cruelty involved, many people do not think it is correct to kill an animal just for the consumption Staying healthy is the key to having a prolonged life. By not consuming meat, one is able to improve their life expectancy by a dramatic increase. A recent study was done by people who eat little to no meat, the study showed an increase in the human lifespan by approximately four years. (Faloon) Another study that was quite similar to the one above was of the Seventh Day Adventists who also do not consume meat. (Faloon) In this study of pure vegetarians, the increased lifespan was about seven years in men and about four years in women. (Faloon) The amount of years one can add to their life is quite impressive and is a reason why many choose to become vegetarians. There are many things in the word to make someone sick, but if one was able to prevent that from happening wouldn’t they? By eating meat, one increases the chances for getting a disease. The number one killer in the U.S right now is heart disease, heart disease is a very common disease in America, many people do not realize that not only being obese, eating junk food, and being unhealthy is a result to heart disease, but also eating meat, particularly red meat. As a result of eating red meat, people weaken their hearts which disables it from performing its job, which ends up leading to the number one killer; heart disease. As claimed by Researchers Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, by becoming a vegetarian one can decrease the result of getting heart disease and significantly lower an individual’s cholesterol and chance of getting osteoporosis. Not only is there a less likely chance of getting heart disease, lower cholesterol and osteoporosis but less likely to get a heart attack. (Ornish , Esselstyn) Another study that was done, showed that people under the age of sixty-five and are vegetarian, were less likely to get a heart attack by about forty-five percents. (faloon) It might not be clear, but many of the animals that humans consume, carry diseases, illnesses, and pesticides. Cows, pigs, and chicken are included in that immense majority of animals. Royce Carlson had mentioned, that almost sixty percent of all chickens that were sold to local grocery stores, were infected with salmonella bacteria, and about thirty percent of pork products are infected with toxoplasmosis.(Carlson) So what does this means for everyone who eats meat? This means that many of the meat eaters are at a risk of possessing Mad Cow Disease and Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. For those that do not know what these diseases are; Mad Cow Disease also known as,...

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