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Meat: to Eat or Not to Eat

By Squogly Aug 03, 2013 574 Words
Meat: to Eat or Not to Eat

Humans have been eating meat for thousands of years without much thought towards the physical side affects and ethical implications of doing so. Now, the debate about whether or not people should include meat in their diet is an ongoing controversial argument. When done properly, both diets can provide near optimum nutrition and vice-versa; when done incorrectly, both can have negative long term effects and lead a person to being malnourished. Many people also share the opinion that it is difficult to justify the eating of animals. They find it hard to believe that other humans are brutally raising and slaughtering animals to be sold as food and that people are actually buying it. However some would argue that eating meat has no real worldly affect and that the universe is indifferent to their decision.

A majority of Americans do consume meat. This wouldn’t be such a problem if they ate the recommended 6 ounces per day of lean, white meat. It is very high in several important vitamins and is packed with high quality protein. However most eat 12+ ounces per day of high fat, red meat. An over consumption of unhealthy meat will lead to obesity and heart diseases. Some people choose to avoid these risks and cut meat out of their diet completely. This will certainly show some immediate positive side affects due to the rapid reduction of fat and cholesterol intake, but it has its negatives too. It is often difficult for people to make up for what they lose. To do so, one must have a vast knowledge of nutrition, a well planned diet, and an intention to strictly follow their plan. However if your intention is to easily provide yourself with near optimum nutrition, then including meat in your diet is probably the way to go.

Meat has nearly always been a primary source of food for humans and other animals. There is however a large difference between humans eating meat and other animals eating meat. For example, when a wolf hunts down, kills, and consumes a rabbit, it does so in order to survive. There is no other possible way for that wolf to survive. It must kill that rabbit. Humans on the other hand are much more intelligent than wolves. We are capable of not having to kill and cause suffering to other animals in order to survive. We consciously make the decision to do so. But does that even matter? Are we really causing that much harm? After all we live in an immensely vast universe where seemingly anything goes, and that everything is just energy and matter rearranging and changing form. I say that it does matter only when consciousness is brought into the equation. When a living creature becomes capable of feeling physical and emotional pain then it is unjustifiable for humans to be the culprit of their agony. We are simply smart of enough to not have to do so.

I believe that if every American took a considerable amount time to think about the implications of eating meat, then many of their opinions would change. However, I also believe that hardly any of them would actually discontinue eating it. Whether you choose to add meat into your diet or not, have a just reason for doing so. Mindlessly doing anything is never good. Especially with such a sensitive topic like this one.

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