Meat Industry Problems

Topics: Meat, Beef, Meat processing Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: April 19, 2011
My Role in the Meat Industry
After graduating Purdue University with a bachelor degree in Management and a minor in Marketing, I plan on diving right into the meat industry. I am fortunate enough to have direct access to a meat processing plant. Beutler Meat Processing began with my grandpa, Bob Beutler, in 1953. The business continues to thrive today under the management of my dad, Steve Beutler. I have worked at Beutler Meat Processing the past four summers, including this one. Ever since I was a child, my dad brought me into the plant to teach me about his business. Now that I am twenty years old, I can confidentially say I have learned and been exposed to every angle of owning and operating a meat processing plant.

Everyday I work at the plant, my dad teaches me something new. He has taught me the basic retail cuts of meat, how to handle and count inventory from the freezers, forming a trusting relationship with the customer is important, organizing and wrapping cuts of meat on the wrapping table, cubing steaks, and how to properly fill out the paperwork that is involved with processing meat. To be a successful business owner, you have to be familiar with every single step that makes your business successful.

After graduation, I will continue to work at Beutler Meat Processing with hopes that I will one day follow my father and grandfather’s footsteps and own a successful meat processing plant. My education will allow me to bring new ideas and strategies that will make this business even more successful. These ideas include effective assembly line strategies, techniques of sales and marketing, and properly handling accounting and inventory paperwork. I will continue to help our catering side of the business grow and flourish. I am capable of directing the wrapping tables, grinding hamburger, filling out cutting instructions for potential customers, and organizing every freezer full of our products. I hope to master things I have yet to learn such as...
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