Measuring Sponsorship Roi

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Measuring Sponsorship ROI for the Automotive Industry

Capturing Passion Outcomes from Your Sponsorship!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Industry Challenge?
Property View
How can I justify the investment to the sponsor? Ok. Just send them something with sponsorship ROI on it.... Logo measurement & equivalent media value Scorecard systems An independent agency rates a sponsorship on several criteria based on judgement Does it improve our brand loyalty with existing owners? Are car buyers more likely to visit one the car dealerships based on the sponsorship? What’s the financial ROI? Clearly the sponsors have many questions that properties will struggle to know the answer Does it improve our brand image? Does it help with our dealer satisfaction? Does it assist with larger corporate sales? THESE ARE MARKETING QUESTIONS FOR THE SPONSOR TO ANSWER THEMSELVES

Sponsor View
Does our sponsorship create more car sales?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sponsor driven or Property Driven?
Property Driven
Sponsorship objectives not provided by sponsor Property asked to provide ROI without involvement of the sponsor Property takes an off-the shelf solution that does not require a sponsors involvement Scorecard systems An independent agency rates a sponsorship on several criteria based on judgement

Sponsor Driven
Sponsorship objectives taken from the sponsors marketing objectives and serve as the basis of ROI Sponsor involved in ROI approach ROI approach based on market based the sponsors market metrics

Logo measurement & equivalent media value

ROI based on several measures not just one but they are all based on the target market. Feedback is obtained based on market information and surveys.

ROI not based on sponsor’s business objectives or marketing objectives with a target market. Measurements more difficult to use. Eg., How does logo exposure tell me if I will sell more cars? Sponsorship critics use the lack of market driven measurements to question investment. Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sponsorship ROI is easier to justify because it has been linked to a sponsor’s original market driven objectives. Measurements can be linked to brand and sales performance.

Sponsors need to ensure the ROI they need is sponsor driven.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Media Exposure Methods
• • • • •
Largely discredited today in the context of ROI This old school method was simply based on media exposure or logo counting and placing a value on each exposure ROI was not based on sponsor results No regard to the objectives of the sponsorship Disconnected from the actual objectives of a sponsorship such as improving brand equity or generating sales.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Current Sponsorship ROI Principles

• Driven by the sponsorship objectives • Based on what a sponsorship actually delivers. • Driven by the sponsors not the properties • Sponsorship ROI is ‘fan centric’, meaning it is based on actual target customer attitudes and behaviour

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Measuring Sponsorship Effectiveness - The Basics
The Measurement Sequence

Define the sponsorship objectives to be measured.

Survey the target audience.

Report the findings.

To measure the effectiveness of a sponsorship, we need to measure outputs not inputs with the target audience. These may include some of the following: - High sponsor recall - Increased sponsor brand loyalty - Improved sales leads - Improved brand image ratings - Improvements in goodwill towards the sponsor This is obtained by surveying the target audience of a sponsorship or the fans. Other information that can be used in a SponsorMap evaluation are media coverage (TV & print), social media (blogs, Facebook etc.) and sales information that can be sourced separately. The Research Methodology The selection of the survey sample is dependent on the target audience for a sponsorship. Match the survey sample to the intended target audience....
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