Measurements in Chemistry

Topics: SI prefix, Temperature, Heat Pages: 3 (411 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Measurement in Chemistry Assignment, Due 22 March, Surname A-D

Instructions: All questions must have the correct units and correct number of significant figures. Show all calculations and carry the units throughout. Submit your answers on a new page. Include your name and student number.

Q1. Report the number of significant figures in each of the following: a. 0.20
b. 9.05
c. 164300
(1 mark)

Q2. Report each of the following measurements using both the scientific notation and metric prefix systems:
a. 345 m
b. 0.0805 g
c. 4650000 N
(2 marks)

Q3. Determine the density (in g/cm3) of a solid given;
A beaker was weighed at 155 g then 940.0 cm3 of solid was added and the new weight was 713 g.
(2 marks)

Q4. Report the answer to the following:
65.9 - (12 + 8.51) = ?
(2 marks)

Q5. The Specific Heat of a substance is the energy (Joules) required to raise one gram of substance by one degree celsius, (units: J/goC) Heating 95.5 mL of a liquid from 18.5 oC to 47.9 oC takes 10515 J of energy. The density of the liquid at 18.5 oC is 1.210 g/mL. What is the Specific Heat of this liquid in this experiment?

(3 marks)

V.Cumner :1068138
a. 0.20 (2sf)
b. 9.05 (3sf)
c. 164300 (4sf)


Measurement scientific notationmetric prefixsig/figs a. 345m 3.45 x [pic]m 345m 3sf
b. 0.0805g 8.05 x [pic]g 80.5kg 3sf
c.4650000N 4.65 x [pic]N 4.65MN 3sf


Mass beaker + substance 713g - (unit place)
- Mass of beaker 155g (unit place)
Mass of substance =558g (unit place)

Volume =940.0[pic]

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