Measure for Measure Essay

Topics: Love, Tell, Angelo Torres Pages: 4 (1542 words) Published: March 3, 2013
English 2 FC Anne Zhang
Measure For Measure4/2/12
Encountering love, one of the hugest side-effects for either/both participants is change. The playboy or womanizer quits his ways after meeting a special someone. The villain who only wants to cause harm to the whole world finds himself reversing and re-adjusting his life goals because of his insignificant other. (Of course the genders could be reversed.) Or in Angelo's case, the great leader well known for being cold-blooded with no emotions unexpectedly feels lust, love and longing-all so foreign to him-when he meets someone who doesn't immediately accept his decisions. When Angelo and Isabella spar with their words, Angelo is surprised at Isabella's passion and determination, including her intelligent use of sayings and analogies, to persuade him to get what she wants. He believes he has found his equal and is delighted. Even more, he finds himself falling in love with the pure, young, nun-to-be, and without realizing, going against everything he believed in and worked for, just to have her. Before meeting the girl who shifts his whole world, Angelo is described as "one who never feels" (I.4.62) and "is precise, stands at a guard with envy," (I.4.54-55) or morally strict in exercising his power. So tired of the law being too lenient on sinners, once Angelo comes into power in place of the Duke, he immediately looks for criminals. Claudio, Isabella's brother, unexpectedly becomes his victim when he is caught getting Juliet, his fiancee, pregnant. They are not yet married, and so it is considered illegal. Without a care for Claudio, but with the mindset of showing who's in charge now, Angelo sets out to have Claudio executed as an example for anyone who commits the same sin. Even though Claudio is more innocent than those who go to whorehouses, because at least he was about to get married, Angelo does not budge with his decision to condemn Claudio. Described by the Duke, Angelo is "a man...
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