Measles Immunization

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Measles Immunization
Prelab Questions:
1. Measles are considered to be a public health issue because it is highly contagious, has unpleasant symptoms and can be fatal. 2. The independent variable in this investigation is the year and the dependent variable is the incidence of measles and the percent immunized. Problem: What is the relationship between immunization and the incidence of measles? Observations: Refer to graph page.

Analyze & Interpret:
1. The relationship between the incidence of measles and the percentage of people receiving a vaccine each year is the percentage of people getting the vaccine increases as the number of people getting measles decreases. 2. This relationship exists because all the people getting immunized are protecting themselves from getting it or helping them fight it off, resulting in fewer people getting sick. Conclude and Communicate:

3. I believe that reasons like allergies or religious beliefs are a legitimate excuse for not getting the vaccination. I also believe that Ontario is right for making it mandatory because people may not have their facts and believe that it isn’t necessary, when it is. People may put it off, but having it mandatory means they’ll get it done. If it is mandatory, citizens will feel it is safe as the entire province is doing it and won’t have to think twice about possible consequences. Exemptions might affect public heath because the people who don’t get immunized have a much higher risk of getting it and not be able to fight it off. If everyone was exempted because other people are, it would be hard to keep the virus under control since a large amount may contract it, as opposed to a small number of people who opted out. Also, if people refuse the vaccine and get measles, they can infected vulnerable children. 4. It is very possible that a species keeps the circle of life going and if taken out, there will be an outbreak of species that couldn’t live with it. However, the measles only...
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