Means of Transportation

Topics: Automobile, Internal combustion engine, Atmosphere Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: April 14, 2013
In todays world, Everyone uses some form of transportation. Whether it be a luxury jet or a bicycle, These means of transportation out do anything the people in the past could have even dreamed of. Some of these ways of transportation are good and some are not so good. Generally, our new ways of transportation opened up so many opportunities in our lives that we are blinded by the bad things that come along with it.

For the most part, our advanced ways of transportation are positive. Cars and buses can get us from place to place fairly cheap. Transportation such as cars also open up new job opportunities for some. For example, I work in Livermore so driving a car to work is the perfect mean of transportation for me. If the automobile was not invented, millions of people, including myself, would not have the job they have today. Running errands is also a perfect reason to have a car. I know most people would not want to lug their bags back home after a long day of shopping. Another advantage of our highly advanced society is the ability to travel long distances in a short amount of time. Back then, if someone wanted to visit a relative on the opposite side of the country, they would have to take a wagon which would take weeks, if not months. Nowadays we have airplanes, so it would take a matter of hours before we were where we wanted to be. Another technological advancement we have is high speed boats. Before there were boats with motors, people had to wait for wind and if their wasn’t any, you would have to sit there and wait until it came. For the most part, Transportation has been very advantageous to our society today.

Of course with every privilege comes responsibility. In this case, our privilege is faster transportation and our responsibility is keeping our earth clean and green. Unfortunately, we have not been keeping up on that. We are burning more and more fossil fuel and will soon run out if we do not use it conservatively. We have however, been...
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