Meaningful Occupations

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Meaningful Occupations
While growing up I participated in many occupations that gave me a sense of self and satisfaction. Amongst these occupations are three in which I still like to engage in till this day. The three most meaningful occupations to me are dancing, swimming, and taking pictures. If I was to become handicapped in the future I would be able to adapt to my disability with an open mind if I could still participate in these occupations. Physical Context

The three occupations that I find most meaningful can be performed in different physical contexts. For example, dancing can be performed in built environment such as home, community, or school. When I engage in dancing it is usually in my home or another family member’s home. My family chooses a home to come together usually every week. The host has to make sure that there is plenty of space where people can dance, or just be able to socialize since we are a very large family. Usually the host starts playing music in the background as family arrives, and then after everyone settles in someone will begin dancing and eventually everyone will join in. Although I usually engage in dancing with family, I have also engaged in dancing at restaurants, or nightclubs with friends.

In order to engage in swimming the environment has to contain a large collection of water. When I engage in swimming I usually go to a nearby gym in my neighborhood. This gym contains a large pool, which allows many swimmers to swim without taking a lot of space. Other places I enjoy swimming are lakes, family member’s pool, and the calm beaches of Dominican Republic.

Photography can be performed in any physical context. I have engaged in photography on various terrains, built environments, natural environments and weather. I usually like to take pictures of different sceneries and objects. While photographing there is no limitations as to where you can perform this occupation. This is what is most...

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