Meaning of Work

Topics: Employment, McDonald's, Recruitment Pages: 3 (1263 words) Published: April 25, 2012
Kaite McDaniel
29 February 2012

The Meanings of Work

Almost everyone in society will have to work at some point in his or her life. Having a job can teach someone several good qualities such as determination, ambition, dedication, and trustworthiness. However, what one learns from a job depends on several different factors such as the job itself and the work environment. Two factors people fail to realize exist are doing “good work” and doing “work good” and the difference between the two. Doing “good work” relates more to doing good deeds, or doing the right thing. Doing “work good” means being an outstanding employee and going above and beyond to do your job. The problem is that sometimes the two contradict each other. This seems to be the underlying issue in Lynda Workman’s passage, “The Experience of Policy,” where she is torn between following the policy of her job and doing what she knows in her heart is right. In Barbara Garson’s passage, “McDonalds-We Do It All for You,” she interviews McDonalds employees to get insight on what it’s like to work at McDonalds and how it feels to know that in their eyes: no matter who you are, you are replaceable. These two passages are very similar to each other. McDonalds doesn’t want their employees to think, only to follow the procedures, just as Workman is forced to follow policy, not to do what she knows is right. I am fortunate to have had the same job at a family restaurant called Bravo Café for the past 3 years. However, I’ve also had experiences working at other jobs over the years. I have been in almost the same situations as these McDonalds employees and Workman and it was because of this I realized what doing “good work” and doing “work good” means to me. In March of 2011 I became an employee of Sonic Drive-In. Over the course of the 5 months I worked there I never liked it. This was the first job I had ever worked besides Bravo. Even though I loved my job there I was dying to do...
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