Meaning of Life and Vocabulary Quiz

Topics: Meaning of life, Musical instrument, World Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: June 5, 2013
Vocabulary Quiz - "U" Words
1. The brother of your mother or father is your ___
2. If something or someone is one of a kind we say they are ___ 3. What "U" word' means "dirty"?
4. If it's normal or customary, then it's ___
5. When the top is where the bottom should be then it's ___ 6. Something that isn't new but has had previous owners is ___ 7. The subway system or tube in London is known as the ___ 8. The top part of a shoe or things that are higher are ___ 9. The opposite of rural and meaning of the town is ___

10. Something that needs quick action or a prompt decision is____

Vocabulary Quiz - "V" Words
1. A holiday is also called a ___
2. What "V word" is created when all the air has been pumped out? 3. Someone who for various reasons doesn't eat any animal products at all is a ___ 4. The opposite of horizontal is ___

5. What game involves getting a ball over a high net without it hitting the floor and within three touches? 6. One type of rich, soft, plush cloth is ___
7. When something or someone disappears you could say they have ___ 8. The land which is between two mountains or hills is called a ___ 9. A place which is smaller than a town, but which usually has shops is a ___ 10. To offer to do something without payment is to ___

Vocabulary Quiz - "X" Words
1. What trade name now means to photocopy?
2. This musical instrument is made up of different lengths of wood and struck by small hammers. It's a ___ 3. A common abbreviation for Christmas is ___
4. A photograph taken using special short wave rays to see through or into things is an ___ 5. Someone who has no real reason to, but hates all foreigners or strangers is ___
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