Meaning of Life and Ambition

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“If you faithfully work eight hours a day, then you might become a boss and get to work 12 hours a day!” , said by Robert Foster. Ambition is a passion that never fails you and will never let you fail it. Being a person that was highly interested in the science field and also a hand on person I have to have a lot of ambition. The meaning of ambition from the Webster dictionary is an ardent desire for rank, fame, or power. For me being ambitious about science I have to headstrong, achiever, and self-motivated.

Everyone wants to achieve goals and dreams in life that are nearly impossible to grasp due to certain circumstances. Being the headstrong person that I am will help them succeed in science because I know exactly what I want do and understand that is a trial and error process. Science is a subject that requires a lot of your time and dedication. For my love of science and learning new things, I am always open to science and find ways to achieve my goals. For me to be a great scientist I am willing to open myself up to different things in the field. I am very content with working with science because it is something that I adore. My ambition for science is strong and desire to

. Chasing your dreams is good, until your mind is obsessed and is poisoned with the ambition that will change you to a whole new person. My dream is become a pharmacist with a strong background of science and research in different labs. This is my ambition and in the future it will be a success and bring me plenty of opportunities. Having a strong science has always been my life long term goal and life. I plan to put in as much effort as possible to understand everything that science has to offer.
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