meaning of any 2 episodes in the pilgrims progress and are they similar to the buddhist progress

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The main theme in The Pilgrim’s progress, written by Bunyan is that of the journey. Christian’s journey begins in the city of destruction and ends in the celestial city; the city of Zion. The city of destruction is Christian’s hometown. He has a vision that the city will be destroyed and this leads him to set out on his pilgrimage to the celestial city but he has the burden of sins on his back. To begin his journey, Christian must first find the wicket gate shown to him by Evangelist. However, the most significant journey is not the physical journey, but the journey inside himself. This journey begins when Christian realizes he is living a life of sin which becomes a burden on his back weighing him down. After being chosen, he decides to change his life. Christian has to cross the river of death to enter into heaven. However before reaching this point he faces many obstacles along the way. From the beginning of the book the reader understands that this journey is prescribed by a greater power and only a few would succeed at it. In order to set out on this journey Christian has to be invited by someone who has divine power, who in this case is Evangelist.

In the beginning of the book, Christian sacrifices his family to go on his journey to get salvation. Although initially he tries to get them to come, he leaves without them when he realizes they do not want to come and would rather he didn’t leave. Leaving his family is the first of many obstacles Christian faces. I think it shows that Christians who are truly seeking salvation must be ready to make ultimate sacrifices. As he leaves, Christian is joined by two of his neighbors, obstinate and pliable. Obstinate and pliable are also sinners who try to dissuade Christian from his journey. Christian in turn, tries to persuade them of the importance of salvation, with the hope that they would go with him on his journey. Obstinate refuses to accept the idea of salvation. He realizes that Christian is determined...
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