Mean Girls

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Mean girls- belonging
Cady Heron portrays a sence of belonging throughout the film 'Mean girls'. Cady starting school for the first time at 16 in America, previously being home schooled by her parents in Africa spends her first day of school isolated, upset and eating her lunch in the toilets. However her second day was slightly different, she was saved by 'The greatest people you will ever meet' -the plastics (quote Regina George). Also janice and damien show her around. She feels as though she belonged with Janice and Damien, because they dress and act like her and ironically because of this, finds herself spending more and more time with 'the plastics' planning to bring them down, with the help of damien and janice. However she spent so much time with them that she began to dress, talk and act like them, mainly Regina who was the leader of the plastics and thrived on making Cady's life a living hell. Even though Cady's friendship with Regina and the other plastics, Gretchen and Karen is based on backstabbing, lies, betrayal and jelousy, she is the 'Qeen Bee' and doesn't care how much of a bad friend she is, as long as she is popular. She ditches Janice's art show to throw a party of her own and she didn't invite Janice or Damien. Cady uses the excuse that she couldn't invite Janice or Damien because she 'had to pretend to be plastic' and janice says 'Hey, buddy, you're not pretending anymore. You're plastic. Cold, shiny, hard plastic.' It is now that Cady realises the person she has become and she publicly apologises to everyone she has hurt. She and the plastic's spilt up and if they see each other they will exchange a smile or a wave.
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