Meal and Virginia Woolf

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AP Practice Essay #1
EX 1: The differences between men’s and women’s colleges were considerable in Virginia Woolf’s day. Rather than assert this in a pedestrian, expository way, Woolf uses the respective meals served at each college to illustrate the discrepancies between the schools. The meals are a metaphorical device, akin to a poetic conceit: Woolf makes a far more forceful, profound distinction between the male and female schools through such juxtaposition than if she had merely enumerated their inconsistencies. Woolf details the relative poverty of the women’s school, and therefore women’s position in society, through varied sentence structure, diction and imagery between the descriptions of the meals.
EX 2: Since medieval times to our present days of the twenty first century women have always been considered to be inferior to men. Society has made us think that women are less stronger than men and that they are less knowledgeable than them too. We have also judged women to be only capable of being a house wife, and that they couldn’t handle being a lawyer or engineer. Virginia Woolf uses her two passages to describe how society still regards men to be better than women.
EX 3: Women have had a long and arduous struggle for rights and equality throughout history. Within literary works, writers express their view on women’s proper place in society. Virginia Woolf uses contrasting tones and narrative styles to present her view on how society regards the place of women.
EX 4: Women have always been cast down and treated inferior to men as if they weren’t even the same species. Virginia Woolf’s passages attempt to describe a situation that shows how women are displayed as inferior. Woolf describes lunch at a men’s college with great detail and enthusiasm, but describes women’s dinner with a cold tone and less detail.
EX 5: During Virginia Woolf’s two college visits, she experienced two distinct situations. She had a fancy and full course meal at one

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