Meal Analysis

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Meal Analysis
In Raymond Carver’s story, A Small Good Thing, there is a character, the baker. He is a rough, and rude man who is changed by the loss of a families son. He goes from being rude, to sorrowful and compassionate because of their story. The essays written in class would have a similar effect. The essays that spoke about how meals were family traditions would make the baker feel like he wants to become part of something that will carry on after his life. Some of the essays show how the food didn’t start out being great, but needed to have some changes made to make it work, like the changes the baker needs to make to become part of something. Since the baker’s life is about food, he already has half of the equation. Now he just needs to create the connection between how food can represent and bring back memories of family. Each essay, through its description of memories and family, would help the baker realize how very connected family and food is.

Since the baker has been lonely for most of his life, he might not have even experienced the emotions that come from being included. There is a comfort, and familiarity that comes with family, and certain foods that connect them. Kaylie Vien’s essay is a good example of this connection. Throughout the essay she describes memories, such as how they had to anxiously wait until after trick or treating to have beef stew. She speaks about how, because it is only eaten once a year, it is special and exciting. This would show how she feels about the food. It is also said that because Vien’s grandmother makes it, it is a special memory to show how caring and comforting her grandmother is. Another detail that would really get the baker

into the essay, is the fact that she will be away at school for Halloween, and will not be able to have the stew. Vien explains that this is disappointing to her, and she won’t have the familiar food when she is away from home. Through this essay, the baker would be exposed to...

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