Me Talk Pretty Oneday

Topics: French language, Foreign language, Second language Pages: 3 (945 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Me Talk Pretty One Day
The world is immense. It constantly offers us to learn new things. Learning new things is good for you. There is nothing more exciting than going to new places in the world, on your own, only with the belief of learning cultures and foreign languages. Of cause it can be a little frightening to start with, and there might be some minor “speed bumps”. But once you get a hold of it, it often sharpens one’s taste for more. That is the true case of Me Talk Pretty One Day.

The essay Me Talk Pretty One Day is written by David Sedaris. Sedaris relates about his experience with learning foreign languages. In this case his experience with learning French. His intention with this essay is to carry on his narrative to help others in the same situation as he was in, when he was in a foreign country.

Sedaris’ essay appeals to people all over the world, people with the intention of learning foreign languages. This essay is a proof of no matter how bad things look, success might come. Sedaris’ has a very good attitude to learning foreign languages. “At the age of forty-one, I am returning to school (…) I’ve moved to Paris with hopes of learning the language.” (page 6, lines 1- 6) These lines tell us that Sedaris has a certain lust for learning the French language. Otherwise he would not move to Paris at the age of forty-one. “(…), everyone spoke in what sounded to me like excellent French. Some accents were better than others, but the students exhibited an ease and confidence I found intimidating.” (page 6, lines 10-12) This quote shows that even though Sedaris has the lust for learning French; he is a little intimidated by the other students in his class. He feels that their French accents are way better than his. “As an added discomfort, they were all young, attractive, and well dressed, causing me to feel not unlike Pa Kettle trapped backstage after a fashion show.” (page 6, lines 12-14) This quote emphasizes the fact that Sedaris feels untimely...
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