Me Talk Pretty One Day

Topics: Language, Essay Pages: 2 (840 words) Published: June 25, 2013
Me Talk Pretty One Day

Me Talk Pretty One Day. The title already starts questions and as you get through the essay, it makes perfect sense and creates a meaning to the title. Sedaris is the narrator throughout the essay and nearly at the beginning of the story you finds his tone throughout the essay is kind of a depressed tone, it sounds like he is depressed and put down by the instructor of his french course. Sedaris is passionate in leaning French. He moves to France and starts school there, so that he would learn the language better than he could in America. On his first day Sedaris watches his fellow students catch up with each other, discussing their summer vacations and the latest news about mutual friends. He has a number of first impressions: they appear much younger (he is now forty-one years old), they are definitely much more attractive, and they all appear to speak French flawlessly. Sedaris soon feels a little out of his element, until his French teacher arrives and makes him feel like a complete imbecile. However, Sedaris is not alone in being belittled by his instructor for she did not just pick on him but the rest of the class. However, he still went home every night and studied everything so that he could go to class the next day and know just a little more so the teacher wouldn't pick on him as much. You find the depressed tone again during class, that everyone wanted to be there but at the same time didn't want to be there. The teacher rode on a high horse because she didn't speak only fluent French but 4 other languages too, including English, which she shows to Sedaris by saying in English "I hate you, I really hate you." (Found on page 3, last paragraph) Now why in her right mind does the teacher feel the need to put everyone down, and to say something of this nature stating that she hates him. Why is that, is it because she herself has troubles in her life and she feels in her time of power of being the professor of a French course...
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