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HR Planning:-
“A Process for determining and assuring that the organization willhave an adequate numbering qualified persons, available at the propertime, performing jobs which meet the needs of the enterprise andprovides satisfaction for individual for individuals involved.”(Dales S. Beach) HR System:

 The principal elements of HRP are human resources forecast.Human resource forecast:It is a process of determining the demand and supply of people.Demand is a process of assessing future requirement to meet theobjectives. Demand of people with specific knowledge and skills forshort period (1 year), intermediate period (2-4 years) or long period (5years or more) is derived from step 1 of HR planning. The first step of HR Planning process-Goals and plans of organizationprovides information with data on such factors as: •

Projected dollar vol. of sale

Units to be product

No. of clients to be services.

New facilities to be constructed.

New functional dept to be created. Judgment & Experience:It includes:1.Estimates made by individual hire managers, supervisors andsenior managers (corporate estimates) regarding various units of business, judgmentally converting information on short-termactivates like units to be produces client to be served and projectsto be completed, are converted into numbers and types of peopleneeded,2.Rules of thumbs and decision rules are also subsets of thiscategory.3.Developing techniques is a systematic way of obtaining andrefining judgment by a group of export. SWOT:


 Tetra Pak Limited is a public limited company listed in the stockexchanges of Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. •
 Tetra Pak has backward linkages. It has its own paper & Board Mill,which is producing all types of package material. •
 The company has the capacity to produce the complete range of packaging and have operation on a vary large scale. None of itscompetitors has so wider operations and so deep range of tetraPak. •
It is having the best positive image & reputation for qualitypackaging products in Pakistan

t is having the most advanced, sophisticated & up to datemachinery in Pakistan and even in Asia. •
Due to mass production the cost is reduced and the companyenjoys economies of scales. •
It has ISO 9001 quality assurance certificate in five different linesor divisions. •
It is enjoying approximately 25% market share, which is greaterthan any other company in this business. •
 The company is having its own Power generation Plant.

It has an advanced management information system, SystemApplication and company in data processing (SAP). •
 Tetra Pak Limited has a well-established name in Pakistan. •
Its brand is widely accepted as a symbol of quality.

Cannot take small orders.

High prices of the products, which they produce.

Lack of motivation from getting an order to its completion is verylengthy with a new customer. •
 There is a lack of communication between different departmentsof the company. •
Mostly the orders are not completed on time, due to thecommunication gap between the marketing people and theproduction people. •
When the states executives go out on customer’s visits, there isno one in the department, who in his absence, may deal with hisallotted customers. •
 There is high employee turn over in particular in the executivesposts. •
 The promotion process is very slow in the company.

Being one of the ‘best packaging manufacturers in the Asia, TetraPak Limited has great opportunity in the export market I theMiddle East and other third world countries. •
As yet, there is no rival company within the country at the level of tetra Pak Ltd, the market share and capacity of production can beenhanced. •
Quality awareness & consciousness among the customers areincreasing. Threats:

 The growing mushrooms industry, which attracts the price (notquality) conscious customers, is a threat for Tetra Pak Limited. •
Products of...
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