Me and You

Topics: Sociology, Speech, Communication, Language / Pages: 2 (268 words) / Published: Sep 4th, 2013
Speech Laboratory can be an excellent means to give young people practice in public speaking, listening, and note-taking, as well as a host of other skills. It maximized the student’s ability to communicate effectively. Through various trainings and activities, members of this club will improve in all aspects especially in social, intellectual, and emotional part.
The Speech Lab is open for all interested students of ICI in all year levels. This facility will help our students to develop their communication skill through various exercises. It aims to develop young individuals to become effective communicators that can compete from various schools and places that will totally deepen their sportsmanship and Marian values.
The Speech Lab Aims to: 1. Develop communication skill, 2. Deepen their talents and values through exercises/activities, 3. Promote camaraderie, and 4. Produce good and competitive communicators.

Speech Communication Laboratory

The newly established Speech Communication Lab in the school is taking this established expertise and supplementing it through the use of other modalities in the investigation of group behavior analysis, social interaction, engagement between speakers and prosodic and gestural accommodation.
The lab is a state-of-the-art environment, optimally designed for the multimodal capture of conversational social interaction. Using High Definition video cameras, microphones, Microsoft Kinect devices and biometric sensors, the various nuances and complexities of an interaction can be captured for subsequent analysis.
TCD will contribute the expertise in the area of speech synthesis and social interaction, as well as providing an ideal environment within which to robustly test the tools developed for multimodal input recognition, multimodal fusion, fission and

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